Friday, July 6, 2012

Narcissistic Much

I have reached a conclusion. I am not narcissistic. Rather I am an amplification of the norm. Let me put it in a better perspective with a few examples.

-You and your friend are being chased by zombies. You sacrifice yourself to save your friend. I'll sacrifice my friend to save me. My survival instinct is that strong.
-You and a guy are running away from a horde of zombies. You trip the guy to save your arse. I'll not only trip him. I'll also break his legs to ensure my safety.
-You spend the day with the friend doing their chores and then you think you have done your part. I'll spend the day do their chores and then know I have done more than enough.
-You bend the rules here and there and think you can get away with it. I'll fuck the rules and get away with it.
-You are sent my a friend to another friend to calm the situation down. You go there and talk a bit about yourself and more about the problem. I just talk about myself.
-You keep secrets my telling them to congregation of people. My secrets, I'll take to my grave.
-You think I may not trust you. I fucking don't.

See, I am a normal person amplified mentally. I have more anxiety. I am more angrier. I feel more sadder. It is also one of the few reasons why I can't experience a full range of emotions. I am not among the top cream. I am average. Slightly above it. That is all. You have not seen sociopaths. That is why you opine that I am one. You have not seen selfish people. That is why you opine that I am one. Also, you have not seen the truly demented. That is why you opine that I am one. The thing is. While I have seen the shadow of the world, and I see it everyday. You do not even have an idea of what the world truly is.

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