Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spirit Animal and the Weather

Bear. That is my spirit animal. I gave a quiz for that. How disappointing. I thought I would have to get high or track through this desert. Or wander the city from dawn till dusk. Also. I thought I would get a mythical spirit animal like one of Cthulhu's minions or the something similar to that. Oh well. Bear it is.

An in other news. The weather is simply amazing here. Wait. Was yesterday. I did not rain. But it was almost about to rain. Like that. There was also slight wind. I had my paper. The University of Karachi. It took me 27 minutes to get to the department where my exam was being held. Since the weather was good. I noticed. That there were some very beautiful buildings there. Also. There were benches. I never saw them before. And also trees. Meticulously planted. Wildly overgrown trees. I never noticed them before. In a nice weather. It does look good. Rain. What would have made it awesome. But Still. I was tres-awesome.


Zeebs said...

(laughs) The bear. Yes I see that.

quartertoinsane said...

ambiguous comment. elaborate please?