Friday, August 31, 2012


The Ego. Deemed to be dangerous. In the east, the ego is deemed as a dangerous part of any person capable to destroying that person completely. In the west, it is praised but only when controlled. Uncontrolled, the west too terms is monstrous. I only recognized this recently. My ego. It is an integral part of me. It is what holds me together. I have certain unconventional ideas, that often. Earn me. More enemies than friends. My ideas I like. I have to protect them. That only viable mechanism is to prevent them from becoming known. But then. What is the use of such an idea that cannot be used. My idea are unconventional. My understanding of the ego is the same. It is huge. Monstrous even. But is does not have a form. It is not a solid blob of my psyche. No. It is a huge web. That binds. Holds me. It contains me. The Ego. It helps us live through so many phases of our lives. We don't appreciate it enough. You can even find God there. Ego is not your self respect. It is not your belief in your abilities. It is your belief that you will survive the world. Fare against it. Its that voice that make you stare and say "Come at me!" Ego is not saying I am important. Ego is saying. I am me!


jnana said...

I disagree...I think you're talking about the 'soul' our true self- the ego is the destructive mirror-image of the self: the fake self. Soul is self-acceptance and ego is self-importance.

But it's also a matter of opinion. I recommend 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand if you believe in the importance of the ego.

Lubaina E. said...

Ummmmmm. Point well made :)
It's just that we have to protect ourselves from the extremes, too much of ego n too less of it. Both are bad, both are what we have to stay away from.

quartertoinsane said...

@jnana: the soul is the me. the ego recognizes the me in the world. its not like a mirror image of the self. I get what you are saying. I am saying that is not the ego, that is the mutation of the true ego. The true ego is a support structure that allows us not to rely on others for everything :)

@lubaina: yes, extremes are bad :)