Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Reflection

I started writing to keep my thoughts in one place. So that I could come back someday and look at all the things that I thought that are very moment. Thoughts. There and then. Frozen in time. Written in verses and prose. In a style that only I could read. Then I stopped. Then I started. I found some nice people here. Interesting people. People, who as I now understand, hide in there. In the world. Cause there are different. Because they shine like stars amongst the people so mundane. But then again, I hide too. I say what is on my mind but in joke not out loud. Never out loud. For Fear of being marked. I don't like being marked and highlighted. I give away my ideas just because I do not like to be marked. But then again, I have my reasons. My writing I use it for reflection. But then, it is only a record of sadness or neutrality, very seldom does it keep happiness. It can't be saved for later. You have to cherish it, relish it, and enjoy it. There and Then. I wanted to write other things, I wrote other things. Such is life. No. Chaos.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let it

Let the world burn I do not care for it anymore. Let it burn and I won't be there. I would rather die than burn with this world.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

May Be A Way

People often say that you have to please the society. Keep the society in mind. What will the society say. I always wonder why don't they realize that they are the society. And if its not them then they are trying to please some nonentity that does not exist. They are trying to do something that should not be done, need not be done. It is a futile activity. There are social boundaries. A cost for living in a collective society. But that does not mean that we sacrifice our personal values just for the sake of society. I am not talking about morality or ethics. No. I am talking about the little things. How you keep your hair. How you interact with the certain people. We Don't Always have to bow. We do not always have to say yea sure why not. Anarchy may be a way.