Monday, November 26, 2012

Scars And Pain

The marks that we have, are not something that should be forgotten like a conversation we had with an acquaintance. Although by principle even that conversation with the acquaintance should not be forgotten. But, we are human, forgetful and mortal. The marks, the scars that we have are not something that should be forgotten. We must remember them as part of our lives. People try to forget their scars and that in itself is foolishness. Learn from the past, and evolve to a better form. Remember how you got that scar, where you slipped and what you said, in what situation, so you do not slip again, so you do not say that again. The idea is to grow through the marks and the scars. To remember the lesson that they carried and not the pain. The Pain is good, but it should not be remembered. Remembering it makes us conditioned to it. The condition then makes us immune to the pain. So the next time we feel pain, we will feel nothing and will not evolve. The mark is a sign, the pain is a key. Evolution is the ultimate objective. To a better form, not gods though, just something more... humane. 

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