Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Others

Now they remember me all of a sudden. Such a sudden remembrance. Looking at the patterns in the past it would appear that some errand of a particular nature has popped up. It just erupted out of the earth and confounded them and so they remember me. In other news, I now understand the rules of being a bourgeois. Futile wasteful rules they seem to appear to me. Must look at them in detail,  they seem too muddled. It would appear that there was no distinction between the classes when it came to some rules, however that is impossible. There is something that needs to be investigated. Also, change my image again. No. Nada. Nope. Not. Nay. Ne. Nae. It would mean a unification, something that is inefficient. I appear broke to many people. I think it is part of the antisocial subconscious persona. People do not hang out with poor people and so I look poor so they avoid me. This way, I know those who want to be friends with me and those who want to be friends with me. I don't like either. I like those who like to spend time. Friends want you to run and walk and stroll with them. These other people, they just stand there with you. Taking in the scenes and the serenity. I like to take things in. I don't need to move with the society, it is necessary, and I can. It is not a compulsion for me. I mostly do not give a damn. I like my talismans. I am having one modified. I don't know what it will look like. I don't know what will it show now. I need to use all of them know, its about time. Enough is enough. Also, the masks. Together, I just love them. Together, I will use. For some reasons, this reminds me of the inscription on the one ring. 'One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and underneath the darkness bind them'


Furree Katt said...

Well I do hate people who make or break friendships on materialistic motives. I know a lot of people who used to suck up to me when I lived in dxb. Right after the recession hit and my family was affected badly, *poof* most of my 'friends' were gone!

And you don't look poor, please.

This is why Blogger is such a great place, you don't get judged as much as you do in the real world. And at least here we are in the company of intellectual people & great writers haha (example: i'm in the presence of you! on your wonderful blog).

Furree Katt said...

And I forgive you for not adding me to your Reading List. :P

Lubaina E. said...

Happens. Happens. The ones who roam around with masks. *sigh*

quartertoinsane said...

@furree: those people are never friends to begin with you see.

and noooooooooo, its part of the look. okay so not poor, lower middle classish maybe then?

I must disagree here, you are in the virtual presence of a person who likes to rant and now has a place to rant. but yea, this is a good place.

hahahah... thank you for your kind forgiveness. The list shall be altered instantaneously

@lubaina: what about them? what does the sigh mean?