Thursday, December 27, 2012


The flu and the fever had an effect on me. An unprecedented effect. I though they would make me numb, oblivious to the environment. However this did not happen. Rather the flu and the fever affected my ability to think. I perceive all the things around me, but its takes time. More than usual. I saw a cat licking its face. I was starring at the spot where the cat was long after the cat had left still thinking of how it was licking its face. This reminds me. The sky is dull in the city. You cannot see the stars. Even if there is a power outage, the stars are still dull. The songs are dull too. The night is no longer as crisp and sharp as it used to be. Or may I have become so used to them that I do not notice any difference. Its not just the flu and the fever that have dulled me, the things around me, the environment, the world, it would appear that all of this has blurred.


Scribbler. said...

Thank you for taking my mind off other things ;)

quartertoinsane said...

the pleasure is mine :) :P