Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Deep Insight

I had this deep insight about a topic which I have now conveniently forgotten. It would appear that the manner in which the topic appeared to me is now forgotten. Oh wait. I just remembered. The essay thusly begins

It would appear that man is a multi-talented animal in addition from being a social animal. However both these appearances are illusions. Man is neither a social animal nor is he a multi-talented animal. He is a rut, a rusted cog, fixed in a machine. The machine is not a thinking machine, it is a machine. The machine moves and the people are forced to move with. Some cogs are placed above other cogs and that creates the illusion of being important. An illusion that is accepted as a fact by the other cogs. The cogs on the top are no more important than the cogs in the bottom or any other place. These cogs like the other cogs will rust and then rot off into the rut that is the past. Coming back to the issue at hand, being multi-talented. While most cogs only move a few other cogs, some cogs manage to move more than few other cogs. These cogs, that move more than a few other cogs, appear to be doing a lot of things to the cogs who move only a few cogs. Thus the myth of multi-talented people was born. Now you see, the cogs are used to doing what they were doing and the cogs before them were doing because they cannot do anything new. That is the way they were in the machine and that is the way they have become conditioned to be. The conditioning makes the cogs believe that they are better off or that they can be multi-talented. But the truth is, man is just a cog which moves in just one direction. And that is all that we will ever be. life

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