Monday, March 25, 2013


We have all dreamed. At some point or the other, even if we do not remember it. People keep journals to remember their dreams, and revisit them. Some people remember them. Others, simply forget them. At times, you don't forget them; you let them go on purpose. You make new dreams and follow through on them, or at least try to. Then again, you may seen dreams as being wasteful and stop dreaming all together. But, we all know this is just a lie. You cannot not dream. You have to dream; dreaming is a quintessential ingredient of life. Your dreams may be vivid, they may be realistic. Or, they may be fleeting, mystical. In either case, in what ever the case, you are dreaming. You cannot stop dreaming. Just keep on dreaming. Write them in your journal, remember them; or simple forget them. But they will happen. And they just may come true.


Furree Katt said...

Dream journals are difficult to maintain! Lord knows how many times I have tried to keep one and then abandoned it. Lovely post!

quartertoinsane said...

Thanks! :)