Thursday, June 20, 2013

Something Anything

It is another one of those posts where I proclaim that I was going to write something deep and thoughtful and intelligent. But, then again, it isn't. I just wanted to write. Something. Anything. Something other than work and life and thoughts and something something. This is a post about something anything, not about something something. Something something is over rated. Something anything is freakishly underrated. People need to appreciate the beauty in something anything more. I think the main reason why peoples' lives are miserable is that they have stopped thinking about something anything and focus more on the something something. The something something is just a distraction. It causes the people to over think and stress out and fuss and cuss and what not. Now what not is an entirely different thing to write about. What not is quite interesting on its own, but combine it with something anything and the what not takes on a whole new level of beauty. With something something, the what not does not make sense and it becomes something ugly and deadly. An abhorrent being. Coming back to something anything, now this in itself is a thing of beauty. And combine the something anything with something awesome the world becomes a place of beauty. This, right here, is not a something something. This is a something anything. You are a something anything, unless of course you do not believe in the existence of the something anything in which case you become a something something thus implying that you are fugly. The beauty in the something anything can be better observed in isolation. Well, it won't be true isolation because you will be with the something anything. Something something leaves you alone. The point being, something anything is good, beautiful, awesome. 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you ever felt that feeling of being isolated. From the world. Completely. The feeling that the people are blind and deaf. Too oblivious to the reality of the world. They cannot see without help, they cannot hear without guidance. They are weak and frail. And you, being a person too, are weak and frail. But then again, this isolation is a blessing. You do not see the world and hear its sounds in the way they do. You see differently, you hear uniquely. And all because you were isolated. It may be that the world is not the problem. Rather you yourself are the cause of all the sufferings and joys around you. Then again, you are adamant. Steadfast in your belief that the world is wrong, that the world is blind and deaf. Your belief makes you adamant and arrogant. You too become oblivious to the truth, the reality. In your pride and arrogance you forget that you are not alone in your isolation. There are others with you. Some others as well, not with you. You see, you are never alone. You were never alone. It was your pride that made you blind, and in your wake you saw nothing. The truth of the matter is that, there are people always with you. Caring for you. Helping you. Supporting you. Then there are people who see you, the way you see the world. They see that you have become blind. They hear that you are deaf. So, you were never really along or isolated.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

River Styx

A drank from the river Styx,
And made myself undead,
Now my feet planted,
On the earth I am a walking dread