Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Suicide Note

I can't write anything meaningful. Forget meaningful, I can't even write anything. This is not a writers block, writer's blocks are not this often. This is an end to creativity, what little I had anyway. Now I too must lead a mundane and boring life. The life that people so willingly lead. I did not want to lead that. This life is useless, vile, and sketchy to say the least. The inability to express what goes through your mind, how do you people even live with that. Don't your pathetic existences writhe in agony at the horror of this existence. There is only one logical conclusion. Two really. I either can act like a mad man and go out into the world. Or I can just end this pathetic meaningless existence which you people call life. I think I will choose the later and take a few of you along with me in the process.  

Haiku XXIV

The yellow god of scorn,
Lost deep in thoughts forlorn,
Awakened from his slumber.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Manifesto of Anger and Vengeance I

Let it fester and boil. So while you toil, it grows. Such should be the nature of anger and vengeance. Those fanciful fantasies that you have. They just waste you. And your thoughts. Do not keep it trapped. Let is run through your veins and be pumped by your heart. Vengeance and anger must consume your mind and soul to manifest in their true form. Otherwise, what you see it just a weak imitation of the true form. The true form is chaos manifest. Those who see it shall tremble and for those whom it is meant, they will perish. Such is the true form of anger and vengeance. Both are similar, neither better than the other or worse off. There is no cost to great for the satisfaction derived from anger and vengeance.  


You know how you aren't focused yet you are. Like when you see double and can't quite ascertain the real object. That's how I am most of the time. I need to find a way to focus. I don't know half the time whether to go left or right... or up or down. Its confusing... quite confusing.

Monday, July 15, 2013

You be me and I be you

Such a confusing world it would be. If I were you and you be me. No sense of direction then would prevail for heading towards you would not prevail. North would be South and East would be West, West be East, and oh well, the rest as well. Such a confusing world it would be, if coming and going were all the same for every dame would be copying another dame. We would all be same so it would appear and originality would have died out. Searing and tearing would hold no meaning for they would be as if healing. And healing too would become a bane, for it too would abstain. In this world up would be down and down be up. Lo behold! its all fucked up!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Boy Billy

Trapped in a box little boy billy,
Thought his life was all fulfilled,
Lost inside his little boxes,
He never even saw the foxes,
Or the rats and sharks,
That roamed free in the corridor,
It was they who he adored,
Unknowing, the little fool fed them,
Bit by bit, pieces of his soul,
Then one day little boy billy,
Was naught but a hollowed box,
Much like the ones he adored.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A situation where the only way to get things done is the wrong way and there is no right way

You know one of those moments where the only way to get things done is the wrong way and there is no right way. When you come across a situation where the only way to get things done is the wrong way and there is no right way, as people we are often faced with a myriad mix of ethical and philosophical propositions. But then again, there are many situations where the only way to get things done is the wrong way and there is no right way. This is partly because it may appear to be to compulsive or just plain gibberish. Then again, such a situation might not exist and even it it did, it does not do so in this paraphrase.