Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Suicide Note

I can't write anything meaningful. Forget meaningful, I can't even write anything. This is not a writers block, writer's blocks are not this often. This is an end to creativity, what little I had anyway. Now I too must lead a mundane and boring life. The life that people so willingly lead. I did not want to lead that. This life is useless, vile, and sketchy to say the least. The inability to express what goes through your mind, how do you people even live with that. Don't your pathetic existences writhe in agony at the horror of this existence. There is only one logical conclusion. Two really. I either can act like a mad man and go out into the world. Or I can just end this pathetic meaningless existence which you people call life. I think I will choose the later and take a few of you along with me in the process.  


Ridx said...

It happens all the time with me and I guess a whole lot of writers. The important thing is not to give up. You know just hope and work for it. Its like probably you are so occupied with your studies and all that you are so exhausted that you can't squeeze something out of your brain. Think. Relax. and Take it Easy. Surf the web. How about writing on social issues? You can just use your opinion to develop a piece of nice writing. Try that.

I have tagged you in a post. Okay well that is basically an award. But there are a whole lot of questions. Perhaps you can start with answering them.

Anonymous said...

Don't. You write really well.

quartertoinsane said...

@Ridx: thanks for the award :)
@Dania: thank you :)

Zeba said...

This is what I was going through these last few weeks. The course was of no help and I felt it stripped me off my style. And clearly, you were the one who noticed. But I am trying to get back in the groove of things and I am sure you will do. Just give it time!

Furree Katt said...


quartertoinsane said...

@zeba: you will get back in no time.

@furee: that is reassuring :)