Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Painter

An off handed style. With wild strokes. Placid colors. Or were they upbeat. I am not really good with words. But her painting. It was breath taking. The painting itself was amazing to say the least. That would be least. It was other worldly. It didn't just calm you or soothe you. It drew you in. Tugging at your very soul. It didn't yearn for an escape from this mortal hull. It became content. Something surreal happened when you looked at that painting. And, well, seeing her paint. That was something else entirely. It felt like cheating though. You were not admiring her, rather her work. Which she would like, but it would be cheating with her. But she will forgive that. But even if she does forgive that. It still is cheating. Well, I was never a saint to begin with. And she knew that.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Unbalanced Verses

Walk in the darkness, bask in the blight,
You my dear were never ever right,
Now toil and rot, for you are naught,
A pigment, a figment of someone's imagination.

That is how life is,
That is what the truth is,
Nothing is real,
This is a just a dream,
The blight all around.

In despair live the people,
Walking, talking, thinking as they do,
Their whole souls hollow husks,
Words they seem seep through you,
But you just babble on.

Keeping in line with tradition,
You too will give your life,
To the bloody gods of yore,
And the one encased in the black tomb,
He will rest, until the end.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Damn the gods

Right when I was in the middle of writing my first creation myth, bam! I get sick. It wasn't one of my best works, it wasn't even good. But c'mon! how many of you have ever written creation myths. It takes time and practice, even the ancient creation myths were written over centuries and centuries. Whats more, I wanted to write one where humans weren't the centre of the god damned universe. And what do I get for trying to tell an accurate account of the universe being created, I get sick. That is just unfair. Makes you wonder though, what really really happened at the start.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Creation Myth II

So all was happy and cheery in the world. That is until the gods got bored and so they mad angels and demons just for fun. But they were single minded beings and so served to provide single minded entertainment. And the gods got bored. Now even the gods are mortal, in a sense. They are immortal, but death will take them too, one day, it claims. So being mortal, they made a mistake. They felt compassion and pity and made. Being that were made unto their own likeness. Humans they called them, or Children of Adam. You see both these words mean the same thing in the language of the gods, children of pity or being of compassion, depending on which god you are. And so they made humans and gave them knowledge and other gifts. Thus the gods made their own bane.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Creation Myth I

When the world was made a new by the god and this servants, it was quite and empty. Hollow as they had kept it, they had a plan to make beings. The beings along with other objects and sphere would fill this hollow. And fill it they did, with all the glee that they had. It wasn't called glee back then for it was alone and there had no need of a name. Nothing needed names in that time. All the beings knew the objects and the spheres; and the sphere knew the objects and the beings; and the objects knew the spheres and the being. Together, they made serene music; which we now remember as celestial songs, angelic songs, hymns to the gods and by any other name which we can concoct. And the colors were more than based on three and all the beings and objects and sphere bathed in them. But there was no man. No humans. No mortals. Rest assured the universe was as peaceful was peaceful could have been in the heavens themselves. It was after a long long time that man came into the picture.