Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Creation Myth I

When the world was made a new by the god and this servants, it was quite and empty. Hollow as they had kept it, they had a plan to make beings. The beings along with other objects and sphere would fill this hollow. And fill it they did, with all the glee that they had. It wasn't called glee back then for it was alone and there had no need of a name. Nothing needed names in that time. All the beings knew the objects and the spheres; and the sphere knew the objects and the beings; and the objects knew the spheres and the being. Together, they made serene music; which we now remember as celestial songs, angelic songs, hymns to the gods and by any other name which we can concoct. And the colors were more than based on three and all the beings and objects and sphere bathed in them. But there was no man. No humans. No mortals. Rest assured the universe was as peaceful was peaceful could have been in the heavens themselves. It was after a long long time that man came into the picture.

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