Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Make it end

A storm rages in my mind,
Vexed I feel, I am blind,
Why does this life not rend?
Bring this existence to an end,
A poetic death, just being wishful,
Make it end, I feel blissful,
My mind is shattered, broken, torn,
My soul is torn, no one mourns,
Now my dear, make amends,
Make it end, just make it end.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ethos, Mythos, Logos

Every story has three parts... the ethos (these are the facts, the dates, the names, the labels), the mythos (the story itself, the actions, the movements, the deeds), and the logos (the feelings, the ideas, the motivations).

Throughout my life (although, it has been quite short) I have observed people skipping over the mythos and the logos, just to focus on the ethos. It isn't just the people, it is the whole system. We are made to remember the names, the dates, without giving a second thought to the story and the intentions.

I have always focused on the mythos and the logos. I used to think, this is a weakness that I have, an inability. But the closer I looked, the more apparent it becomes. It is not my inability, rather it is the people's inability. And it is not their fault. They have been made to believe, throughout their lives, that they need to find facts and stick to them.

To the people, facts provide them stability. Validate their existence. What they cannot fathom is that the facts can be manipulated. They cannot be erased, but they can be changed and they are changed. The mythos and the ethos are underplayed, because they define the story... the story that tells the truth.

I learn the mythos, the logos.. cause to me they define the story. The ethos can be overlooked because they can be changed. They mythos and the logos are necessary, they are fundamental to the story, they are the story.

A Story II

Learn, learning is fundamentally humane in nature.

The story of our lives are written by us. Fate destiny are all illusions, apparently... To be honest, I for one believe in fate and destiny. They are by-products of our actions, our thoughts, of us.

To rewrite our stories we must rewrite our selves, our attitudes and beliefs. Rewriting is not that easy, it may be the most difficult thing any of us do.

So where do fate and destiny come in. They are by-products, inter-connected, inter-woven with us. Destiny is the path that we take, the path is not determined... we chose it. We follow them. We are them. Fate are our choices.

We are our fate and destiny, they are not alien to us.

You never know what part of your story you may be writing right now. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Haiku XXVI

The little lights blinking bright,
Down the memory lane take a right,
The fire burning through.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Story

This is a dream, this is a story. This all will end soon. This is nothing but a temporary phase. We have thought like this, at one point in time or another. Just right now I was hoping that my life be a story. Written by a master writer, some magician with a flair for the theatrical. Then I realized, it isn't a story written by someone else. It is my life, being lived by me. We must all understand and realized at one point or the other that our lives are ours, they are not stories or fairy tales being told to someone else. 

We can't really blame the world for this, nor god, nor the universe. It is us. And even we are not to blame. We just need to change a bit. Evolve. In a sense. Grow. Learn to accept our lives as they are. And live them. We all hate our jobs. We hate the hard work that we have to do. Some of us don't. Kudos to you guys. No seriously, well done, you have touched the zenith of your existence apparently and are content with what you have done.

I know. I am not content. That is why I wish I were in a story. A beautiful story. An enthralling story. A mesmerizing story. But then I realized something. My life is good already. Your life is good already. The thing is, we just don't remember the good times. We remember the mundane times. It's nothing to be ashamed of, this is human nature. This thanklessness just makes us humane. It would be more humane if we were thankful, but... well, you gotta work with what you got no.

I just realized, my life is no less exciting than any one else. I just hide those parts. Keep them a secret from the others. I don't know why I do it. Maybe just 'cause I haven't found any one to share them with. You wouldn't want your story to be written by any writer would you? of course not. You'd want that best writer, the prize winning writer. We all will share our stories when we find the person to share them with, and those of us who don't I wish you the very best writing your own stories, some stories just cannot be written by alien hands.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Letter I

Dear D,

Consider this a typed letter, because mailing is not possible for some reason. I have been meaning to write to you for quite some time. The thing is, I just didn't get around to it. It's not that I didn't have time or that I thought to writing and then I stopped. I just didn't get to writing you a letter. And here I am now, writing it. 

So! how have you been? I have been hearing some pretty interesting things about your part of the world lately. Oh no, not the news. The news are boring and mundane as usual. It just hear things, chatter, gossips, rumors... you know the usual stuff. Any who, you were not mentioned in any of those so I am guessing that you are in the clear. And even if you are not, oh well! life, it always is short :P

As for me, its the same old boring life. Office home office home, and so on and so forth. It is quite boring. But like you said, enjoy life for what it's worth, yes no, yes of course. You know what, I'll write you another letter soon. Your know, short ones, Not these long tedious ones. I liked those.