Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Story II

Learn, learning is fundamentally humane in nature.

The story of our lives are written by us. Fate destiny are all illusions, apparently... To be honest, I for one believe in fate and destiny. They are by-products of our actions, our thoughts, of us.

To rewrite our stories we must rewrite our selves, our attitudes and beliefs. Rewriting is not that easy, it may be the most difficult thing any of us do.

So where do fate and destiny come in. They are by-products, inter-connected, inter-woven with us. Destiny is the path that we take, the path is not determined... we chose it. We follow them. We are them. Fate are our choices.

We are our fate and destiny, they are not alien to us.

You never know what part of your story you may be writing right now.