Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Story

This is a dream, this is a story. This all will end soon. This is nothing but a temporary phase. We have thought like this, at one point in time or another. Just right now I was hoping that my life be a story. Written by a master writer, some magician with a flair for the theatrical. Then I realized, it isn't a story written by someone else. It is my life, being lived by me. We must all understand and realized at one point or the other that our lives are ours, they are not stories or fairy tales being told to someone else. 

We can't really blame the world for this, nor god, nor the universe. It is us. And even we are not to blame. We just need to change a bit. Evolve. In a sense. Grow. Learn to accept our lives as they are. And live them. We all hate our jobs. We hate the hard work that we have to do. Some of us don't. Kudos to you guys. No seriously, well done, you have touched the zenith of your existence apparently and are content with what you have done.

I know. I am not content. That is why I wish I were in a story. A beautiful story. An enthralling story. A mesmerizing story. But then I realized something. My life is good already. Your life is good already. The thing is, we just don't remember the good times. We remember the mundane times. It's nothing to be ashamed of, this is human nature. This thanklessness just makes us humane. It would be more humane if we were thankful, but... well, you gotta work with what you got no.

I just realized, my life is no less exciting than any one else. I just hide those parts. Keep them a secret from the others. I don't know why I do it. Maybe just 'cause I haven't found any one to share them with. You wouldn't want your story to be written by any writer would you? of course not. You'd want that best writer, the prize winning writer. We all will share our stories when we find the person to share them with, and those of us who don't I wish you the very best writing your own stories, some stories just cannot be written by alien hands.


Furree Katt said...

Hey, it's a great realization to find out that our lives are controlled by none other than us ourselves. Wish you all the best with your story too!

quartertoinsane said...


Anonymous said...

What Furree said! And yes, what an interesting perspective on life.
"The rest is still unwritten."

quartertoinsane said...

thank you! :D