Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ethos, Mythos, Logos

Every story has three parts... the ethos (these are the facts, the dates, the names, the labels), the mythos (the story itself, the actions, the movements, the deeds), and the logos (the feelings, the ideas, the motivations).

Throughout my life (although, it has been quite short) I have observed people skipping over the mythos and the logos, just to focus on the ethos. It isn't just the people, it is the whole system. We are made to remember the names, the dates, without giving a second thought to the story and the intentions.

I have always focused on the mythos and the logos. I used to think, this is a weakness that I have, an inability. But the closer I looked, the more apparent it becomes. It is not my inability, rather it is the people's inability. And it is not their fault. They have been made to believe, throughout their lives, that they need to find facts and stick to them.

To the people, facts provide them stability. Validate their existence. What they cannot fathom is that the facts can be manipulated. They cannot be erased, but they can be changed and they are changed. The mythos and the ethos are underplayed, because they define the story... the story that tells the truth.

I learn the mythos, the logos.. cause to me they define the story. The ethos can be overlooked because they can be changed. They mythos and the logos are necessary, they are fundamental to the story, they are the story.

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