Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Make it end

A storm rages in my mind,
Vexed I feel, I am blind,
Why does this life not rend?
Bring this existence to an end,
A poetic death, just being wishful,
Make it end, I feel blissful,
My mind is shattered, broken, torn,
My soul is torn, no one mourns,
Now my dear, make amends,
Make it end, just make it end.


Soumya said...

Oh wow, you are a poet! I did not know it :P

Beautiful verses. Truly deep and brilliant.

quartertoinsane said...

I did not know that either :P


Red Handed said...

Hey boy!! This one was wow!!For some reason...could relate!

quartertoinsane said...

thanks! and thanks i guess?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. The despair is very palpable. Well done.

quartertoinsane said...

thank you too