Sunday, January 19, 2014

Missed Out On The Living

I often worry that I may be missing out on the living. I am afraid that in a few years I will look back and say that I missed out on the living. But then again, I now so many people who are missing out on living, but to them they are living. So, I guess there are different standards to living just as many as there are people in the world. Or rather thoughts in the universe. We aren't just living in a closed space, we do live in a close system but to us it is open. Our thoughts are different and that is what makes us us. But this is digressing from the point.
The point is that I am scared to miss out on the living. After having achieved things that I want to achieve, what if I have actually missed out on the living and the phase that I am experiencing is like the post-living. You the place where people go once they are done with living, what if I end up living that. Missing out on all the fun. Fun has different meanings for different people but the desperation of some to appear unique so much so that they digress from fun is baffling to me.
I want to write, like I talk. In a flow. Incoherently. Nonsensically. But that is not going to happen. What if I missed out on living while writing this. What if you missed out on living by reading this. What if this was a coherent revenge scheme hatched by me or the creators of the internet to take revenge for making them missing out on the living.
Actually, before we decide whether we have missed out on the living or are missing out on the living, we have to decide and agree on a very very crucial point. What is living. Only after determining that can we worry about missing out on what we define as living. After all, no one wants to have missed out on the living. 


Red Handed said...

Well atleast u know that you are missing out on something. That is the first step you can ever taken to find that missing part!

quartertoinsane said...

living.... what is missing is some living

Menachery said...

I feel you always "miss out" when you start comparing with the rest. Its human , however, when you do measure what you have , this missing feeling will go away :) .

quartertoinsane said...

its all human apparently... :)