Saturday, May 24, 2014


I just didn't stop writing out of the blue you know. I just couldn't write anymore. It's not like one of those I could but I wouldn't moments. No, its like I just couldn't do it anymore. The creativity just stopped. Or so I thought. And recently it hit me. Its the perspective and focus that have shifted. I am more busy or rather more engaged. I have to study now, and here I am back. I do need to start studying. But I like writing too. Sadly, I couldn't have a career out of it.


Red Handed said...

Write when you have nothing else to do :D

quartertoinsane said...

thats sound advice

Asinastra said...

I wish I could make a career out of it too.
It's so much easier to spend your free time watching someone else be creative (reading/TV).

Hope you keep writing though. D:

The Me. said...

People need to never stop writing no matter what. Everybody seems to have stopped writing. What is happening to the world? ::(

quartertoinsane said...

@asinastra: watching someone else is actually more work. I will try. Thanks!

@me: No one means to stop writing. The world is changing as it should. Maybe in the new world you become a famous writer.