Saturday, June 14, 2014


Broken into a million little pieces, each piece going about its own separate direction. Each locked in it own struggle, each in its own dimension. And in the midst of it all you, trying to break free. Free from what. That is the question. Seemingly you are free. Seemingly. That is the point. You are bound, shackled. True freedom is not yours. The most you will inherit as far as freedom is concerned is what your parents. They did not have much either. You keeping struggling until you realize it is futile and you give up. Then you are freed. But that freedom is not worth anything by then because by then you are caged, in your mind. Keep struggling for freedom and it is never given. That noose around your neck, it tightens. You do not have the strength necessary to break free. You though you did. But you don't. You should give up. That is the prudent thing to do. To give up. To let go. You should. Shouldn't you. It is not in your nature. And then there are these bouts of doubt. Making you second guess your every decision. Doubt is a fire. It consumes you. Hell bound, been around. The world frowns, time slowdowns. Resilience.

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