Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Mail Box

How do you see life? How do you measure it? There is no one answer, the most rhetorical of those has to be life is lived, not seen and you can't measure it you live it. But there must be a way to see it, to measure it. How do you measure your life, see it or feel it?

I went through my mail box, I would have liked to go through old letters but emails it is. I was dismayed to be honest, kind of sad too. But it was a record of my choices, a clearer perspective of how I had lived my life. My mail box is filled with records of work, clients, projects. Nothing about family, nothing about friends, just work. What does this represent? I'll think about it some other time.


Zeebs said...

You need to have a pen pal :D

quartertoinsane said...

I made a pen pal deal, and I wrote to that person and its been a year and the reply is still in process being written. Sad sad life.

monica malik said...

not too late is it?? :D :D :D
you can still take a sneak peak into the missed chances..:)
be sure to mail your closed ones, they would surely reciprocate when they vl b sure that you have made an effort to be in touch through mails...:)

quartertoinsane said...

Its never to late :)
a sneak peak into missed chances, its like opening a window into the past. I'll take the chances that come in the future.
The close ones I make a point to meet once a week at least :)