Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A walk

You know when life just doesn't pan out, when nothing seems to work. You don't feel depression if you are with people. Especially with people who talk the same as you. Leave all of that behind. No, not metaphorically, literally. But go out for a walk. That's all it takes.


Red Handed said...


Soumya said...

I so agree with Red. You have the answer. Leave the rest and walk ahead :)

monica malik said...

it helps... Yes, being with people who talk like you might keep you distracted, but unless you talk to your own self in that walk, just let things out and in, there where you know, that you have arrived...:)

quartertoinsane said...

@red: I just may :)
@soumya: that is what I will do just now :D
@monica: I think I'll do that tonight