Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Got Lost

I got lost today while coming back to the guest house. Lost in Islamabad. Its a miniscule city. Seedhi Seedhi roadain hain, us pay bhe bhatak gae! but I liked it. It was tiring, a bit unsettling. Its our habit to get unsettled. See, there is this long standing tradition in our city, as soon as it becomes obvious you don't know your way you are bound to be a mugger's target. Even if you do know the way, it doesn't make much of a difference to them. Lugging laptops with you is not a smart idea if you want to get lost. I like getting lost. That is how I discovered half of my city. By getting lost. The other half I asked the people or followed them around. Two halves of the city I still have to explore, but I'll maybe do that when I get back. Back in college, I'd bunk my class and even the evening coaching classes to go somewhere. We'd always take the road that looked good to us or seemed right. But today was fun, we walked. This is a good place to get lost, you are never too far from the familiar place. But that is not the point, this is a good place to get lost. The weather is pleasant this time of the year. I had to use Google Maps to find my way, I'd have preferred not to use that. but it was fun. We found a nice chai wala just a street behind the place where we staying. We were dying for a good chai. But it was fun, I'd like to get lost one more time before I leave and be able to write about it too.


monica malik said...

getting lost is real nice, you know..:)
walking on unknown destinations, talking to people or as you said-just following them..
Could so much connect to this post.:)

quartertoinsane said...

it really is :)