Friday, August 15, 2014

Leave me alone

You know when you just want to be left alone. I mean actually alone. I feel that way. It doesn't happen with family. We have this unspoken rule in the family, we leave each other alone. We take care of each other, but we don't smother each other, we don't force our company. Yes, we are there when someone wants us to be there. But its family, they deserve that time. They can have that time. That time is theirs to be honest.

Its not the same with friends or co-workers. Okay so you are cool and all that but enough is enough. You are lame as hell and I am only with you cause I work with you. I do not like your company. Honestly I don't. Its that simple. Get it already. 


Olive Oyl said...

Hahahahahaha I can relate. My family is like that, but in the non-family zone, sometimes am deeply concerned by constant connectivity. :|

monica malik said...

I know that feeling. How easily and clearly you have drawn the line here on the blog. if I had to do that in real I would be biting nails before telling anyone to leave me the hell alone...:P I wish people (the lame ones- as you said) would just self us alone on their own..;)

quartertoinsane said...

@olive: the lack of connectivity concerns you or the over abundance of it?
@monica: I have done that a few times in real, I will do that in real. Just need more control.