Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A character in a story

Have you ever felt that you were stuck in a story. A character in an unwinding novel or even a novella. I did feel like that, I can't say I never felt like that, that would be a lie. It is never really that simple. But I don't feel like that anymore. Now it is a tedious or boring feeling. If I ever was a character in a story, and writing this as part of some story, I'd be a character in the background. You know, the ones you never read about but you know they are there cause there have to be other people in that fictional world to fill the space. Yes, that one.

I always thought being a character in a story would be fun and enthralling experience, but now I think it won't be that great. I mean most of the characters suffer heavily and only the protagonist gets anything ever in the end, the other are just collateral damage. I'd be one of those. Probably.

I have these friends and acquaintances who lead these extremely entertaining lives, they actually lead lives. I on the other hand, just live idly by. There is nothing exciting, nothing worth noting happening in my life. I'd like to say I had a revelation of some significant magnitude. Some epiphany that allowed me to change the way I see things. But the way I see things is quit blight and quite frankly very despotic. The only glimmer of hope, or life so to speak, comes from other people but that too is a necessity of survival. Without the wanton need for attestation and assertion, I'd even disband this little contact that I have with the outside world.

A character in a story. It would be a very depressing story. Driving people to suicide if it were written well. Always there to kill your spirits and encourage a vague sense of despair. That is how that story would be written. And I'd be there, the boring automaton who unwittingly showed you a glimpse of the mundane. Nothing serene though. Just plain boring unlifely stuff.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


My brother left for Germany a week ago. Its been a long time it seems.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Again and Again and Again

I am going to try something again. I did it in the past, I will do it again. With some slight changes and variations of course. But I will do it again.

Saturday, September 6, 2014