Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More than 100 children died today

The blight, it doesn't hear the plight,
Have you ever heard an innocent sigh,
All that you can do is fucking lie!

Did you see them die, did you feel their pain,
What does it matter, what have you to gain,
You little fucks!

Politics, Religions, Ethnicities, they matter,
But they were little children, you venemous adder.
May you rot in a pit in hell filled with satan's shit!

These politicians they won't own up to anything,
All they do is fling their bling and make their glasses go clink!
They are just as vile, vicious, repungent, horrid and immoral!

I won't say this was wasn't my religion,
I won't say those were some alien enemies,
I won't say we are victims,
Cause we are all to blame!

I can write all I want, and make an
avant grande of a taunt,
But it won't matter, cause they are dead,
And the killers are still free in their bed.

PS: Today was one of those days, you know... fuck this place man, seriously! who kills children! specially when its expressly forbidden in the very religion you purport to follow!!!


monica malik said...

even the devil thinks before hitting a children but these men have crossed all barrier, freed themselves from all the strings of humanity. They know no love and there is no hope to them, there are plain evil in darkness..

quartertoinsane said...

sadly it would seem we have embraced these things