Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coming back to the subject

When you ask someone who they are inspired by, they will spout out big names. Great people. And by no means do I contradict them for that is their belief. Some people humbly say their fathers or their mothers or their some other close relative is an inspiration for them. And again, I am amused by their humbleness. Neither of these do I do in a condescending manner. It is just their replies what amuse me.

If you ask me the same question, I say that I inspire me. It does seem ridiculous and even narcissistic but hey, that is my belief so be amused or inspired or something else by it rather than being whatever it is that you are feeling towards me cause of that reply.

I could honestly right something very very inspiring right now had I had access to an inspiring place right now. Right now, this is boring. Just sitting here. Roaming around on twitter. Looking out of the window. Knowing there will be traffic like hell on the streets at this time. Mind you, I don't stay here by choice. Nothing is by choice. But then again, everything is by choice. We all makes choices and then live with them.

Coming back to the subject (to be honest some, well that would work). I wonder, why did we kill of classical music symphonies (for European classical music) and jugats (for Indian classical music). Why is it that the music almost always has to be accompanied by some human words. Why can we not have just sounds echoing. Resounding deep within the soul. Reflecting. Living. Reviving us. Why could we not have had that. Have you heard those musicals. The sound. It carries weight. It reverberates. Resonates. I can imagine myself sitting in a high chair right now. A windy corridor. No wait not a corridor. A high tower. Lightening strikes. The wind howls.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A wasted post

I sat down to write this at the latest of the night imaginable. Well not that late really, cause yea well anyway. I wanted to write this sad dark post about the state of the city and the country and the world in general. But then I thought to myself, I have enough of my own depression. And to top it off, I made the mistake off... listening to a song by a fake singer. Anyone suggests that singer to me again, and I'll kill you when I meet you or even glimpse you. Any who, how have you guys been... like for real for real.

PS: I really wish I would write something meaningful and I apologize for that not being the case. That's how I have been online this whole week, pointless, silly, witless. So yea!