Sunday, January 11, 2015

A wasted post

I sat down to write this at the latest of the night imaginable. Well not that late really, cause yea well anyway. I wanted to write this sad dark post about the state of the city and the country and the world in general. But then I thought to myself, I have enough of my own depression. And to top it off, I made the mistake off... listening to a song by a fake singer. Anyone suggests that singer to me again, and I'll kill you when I meet you or even glimpse you. Any who, how have you guys been... like for real for real.

PS: I really wish I would write something meaningful and I apologize for that not being the case. That's how I have been online this whole week, pointless, silly, witless. So yea!

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Locomente said...

Thats okay... We are here to read anything :)