Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Distraction Again

I feel disturbed. Unfocused. Weavering in my resolve for the past couple of days. But its a good thing in a way. I now have to focus harder, extert more effort. And all of this will only make me stronger. There is only so little that is here, what I wrote, I don't write much now anymore. I don't know why I don't do that any more. I think it may be bacause I am forgetting how to write creatively, that may be the reason. You never know. It is never a good idea to think too much if you are not naturally capable of doing so. Me, I don't really think and sometimes stumble on something that may be very very useful and quite viable. Other times, it just is pure luck.


Soumya said...

Disturbia and non-focus are at times the best medicine for a writers block.


monica malik said...

Creative or not, Descriptive or not, one never forgets to write. Keep writing, it might help you see new directions.
And hey, it all right to be disturbed sometimes, let it moment remind you of the lessons learnt, take some time off and get back to all that is to be done. :) You are right, this phase could only mean that you have to extend your efforts and focus.
Loads of love and regards,,..:)

CookieCrumbs Inc. said...

You never really forget to write creatively, you only ever get stuck. At some point, you will get unstuck. Wait for that :)