Thursday, May 21, 2015

Living Damned

It is obvious that the qualms of life are not disruptive. It is life itself that is disruptive and filled with jilts and jolts of all sorts. Of course, you my dear reader may not agree with this and rather opine that actually the reverse of what has been written is true and applicable in all circumstances of life. I, however, hold a different view of life; even though this view may be heretical to some it is nevertheless my view. Now you dear reader may also disagree with this cause you may find another polar opposite of the disagreement to be true. And would be true as well as that would be your view.

All views and opinions, in my opinion (pun intended), are based on the experiences that we have. Experiences do not necessarily mean something we have seen or heard or felt for that matter. I will dwell on this at a later time, right now I have been called back to the world of the living damned. Adieu.


monica malik said...

Experiences do not necessarily mean something we have seen or heard or felt for that matter.
That line brought a quantum picture in my mind, the collective memories and experience of matter in space in the span of time and such cycles.
Waiting to read your further dwelling on your post.
Much Regards

quartertoinsane said...

what came to your mind was the singularity, the whole.

PS: how was the paper presentation?

Red Handed said...

This confused me.And Monica's comment made me feel stupid. :(

monica malik said...

Paper presentation went well. the president of indian institute of science and religion congratulated me and invited me to their institute in Delhi for further discussion. I got so overwhelmed and felt so stupid that I never wrote back (I have no fascinating degrees to be discussing with those people, there is nothing that i can tell them which they wouldn't know already, i guess)
p.s: it's a very distorted and limited singularity and the perceptive whole, i wish we could think beyond.
Still waiting to read your side of it.

monica malik said...

@RED: kuch b eh. I know you better :P :P :P :P :P :P

quartertoinsane said...

@red: if you are stupid then I am the guy who single handedly made the internet, life, the universe and everything.

@monica: who needs a fancy degree... if its not too late, you should still go just for the heck of it.

PS: thats how singularities are suppose to be